Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Indicator B14 Survey Correlated with Transition Curriculum

About three weeks ago I discovered an Indicator 14 Survey from Connecticut that I felt had great potential to collect data for Indicator B14.  I converted the survey without edit to share while I immediately realized that the survey could produce easy to read results and provide information on the student reported transition skills taught in high school with post high school outcomes.  The Survey of Graduates or Exiters of High Schools is an edited version that produces correlations among skills and outcomes.  To demonstrate how the assessment works I entered ten random entries.  The Summary of Responses provides a user friendly view of the results and the spreadsheet provides correlations among the responses.  This assessment can be used to find relationships between transition curriculum and post-secondary outcomes. Please note that formulas need to be copied on the coding spreadsheet and the ranges will need to be changed to reflect the proper data ranges.

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