Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick Book of Transition Assessments - Transition Skills Assessment

Quick Book of Transition Assessments, produced by Robin Cline, Dave Halverson, Bev Petersen, Barb Rohrbach, has many great tools for transition. In addition to assessments it also contains checklists for different grade levels and sample letters . The assessments range in length, giving you the opportunity to gain general knowledge of a student and/or information on specific domains of transition. Quick Book of Assessments – Transition Skills Assessment: Student contains seventy questions divided into domains covering the transition spectrum. The responses include 0=no, or no experience in this area , 1=yes, with help or modifications, and 2=yes, no problem. The original assessment has teachers and parents answer the same questions which allows for comparison. If you would like to see the data side of this form click here.