Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Indicator B14 Survey

My journey to accumulate IEP and related forms from all states (check my progress) was interrupted by my discovery of B14 Survey developed by the state of Connecticut and made available both on survey monkey and paper.  I converted the survey to a google form, Survey of Graduates or Exiters of Connecticut High Schools, that states, area education agencies and local districts can edit.  I have experienced significantly more response with the google form versus paper.  Please check my website to copy the spreadsheet and check for updates in the data manipulation.  I plan to setup the spreadsheet to allow correlation between skills covered in high school and outcomes.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rubrics - Qualitative and Quantitative Data using Google Doc Forms

I wanted to convert a rubric that was used to produce a score based on the selection of the descriptors. I like how rubrics provide a description of a certain behavior, however, I also like the ability to produce a numerical score. The use of the If-Then formula allows for the conversion of descriptors to a numeric value resulting in both qualitative and quantitative data. I started with the AEA 10 ServiceMatrix which is used to determine special education weightings. The form and the corresponding spreadsheet can be found on the Resource subpage on my website.  I will be searching for assessments, based on a rubric, to convert to google doc forms.  Using google docs forms, the rubric can be converted to a multiple choice assessment.  The owner of the goole doc assessment can assign points to the various descriptors.  If you have a rubric you would like to have converted please send a copy to

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Transition Services Assessment

While scanning the internet for transition assessments I discovered the Special Education Needs Assessment which was developed in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Education and the Shenandoah Valley Regional Program. (Revised March 1995).  The original document compiles data and sets priorities for improvement based on assessment of 37 criteria by a team consisting of various stakeholders.  Conversion to Google Docs allows for assessment of the criteria on a much broader level.  Summary of Responses can be used to quickly analyze data.  In addition, information compiled in the spreadsheet can be sorted to see how the different groups of stakeholders rate and value the criteria.  The Transition Services Assessment can be used by states, area education agencies, and/or school districts to appropriately allocate resources for transition services.  Please copy and edit to meet your needs.  Feedback is always appreciated at