Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rubrics - Qualitative and Quantitative Data using Google Doc Forms

I wanted to convert a rubric that was used to produce a score based on the selection of the descriptors. I like how rubrics provide a description of a certain behavior, however, I also like the ability to produce a numerical score. The use of the If-Then formula allows for the conversion of descriptors to a numeric value resulting in both qualitative and quantitative data. I started with the AEA 10 ServiceMatrix which is used to determine special education weightings. The form and the corresponding spreadsheet can be found on the Resource subpage on my website.  I will be searching for assessments, based on a rubric, to convert to google doc forms.  Using google docs forms, the rubric can be converted to a multiple choice assessment.  The owner of the goole doc assessment can assign points to the various descriptors.  If you have a rubric you would like to have converted please send a copy to

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