Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS) Functional Capacities Assessments

I have always valued IVRS counselors as members of the Transition team as they are involved daily in assisting individuals to be competitively employed.  Recently, IVRS gave me permission to convert an assessment they use to determine the service needs of individuals.  I have used the assessment and the data helped me to determine the skills that need to be addressed while a student is still in high school.  My hope is that the use of the assessment by high school teachers will facilitate dialogue and cooperation with IVRS.  High Schools need to look beyond graduation to competitive employment and the skills identified by IVRS provide the target. I have divided the original assessment into Functional Capacities #1 and Functional Capacities #2.  Data from the assessments can be found at Functional Capacities #1 Data and Functional Capacities #2 Data.  Information entered in the form will automatically be recorded in the first sheet of the spreadsheet.  Formulas in the scoring and summary sheets need to be copied after the forms are completed.  Please contact me at kurtis.broeg@gmail.com if you need assistance or have suggestions for improvement.