Saturday, February 25, 2012

Accommodations Surveys

Accommodations are meant to eliminate and/or reduce the effects of an individuals disability. Yet, they are often simply copied from the previous IEP and/or the same as all other student's IEPs in the district. I confess that I have been guilty of listing accommodations just in case a student might need them, but I now realize that it is best to limit accommodations to only those that significantly eliminate and/or reduce the effects of an individuals disability and that the need for accommodations should be reviewed frequently by all IEP team members. In order to have a productive dialogue, all members must have the same understanding of the various accommodations. The Nebraska Guidelines to Accommodations provides definitions of commonly used accommodations and a survey to determine accommodations. I have converted the Determining Appropriate Accommodations by Student Name from the guide verbatim. This assessment assists in specifying the disabilities of an individual. Data from the assessment can easily be shared with the IEP team through the Summary of Responses. This data can be used to determine the accommodations that should be on the student's IEP with the Accommodations Survey for Student Name.    The assessments do not limit the development of uniquely targeted accommodations but provide a shared understanding through graphs of the data from the IEP team and serve as a catalyst for efficient and effective accommodations.  To copy the spreadsheets for your own use, visit my website.

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