Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Copy a Google Doc Assessment from my Transition Site

Step 1: Get a google account

Step 3: Select a link under Data on any of the pages. When it opens it will look like a spreadsheet. For example: click on Numeric Parents of Teenagers Checklist Data

Step 4: On the top left corner of the spreadsheet you will see a File Menu. Click File and select “Make a copy....”

Step 5: A box will open asking you to make a new name for the document. I suggest placing the initials for High School or your name in front of the existing name. For example “KB Numeric Parents of Teenagers Checklist.”

Step 6: Now go to your Documents from the iGoogle page and you will find the Google Doc. Click on the Google Doc to see the spreadsheet.

Step 7: You can send the form to recipients or produce a link on a website. To send the form: Click on form above the spreadsheet. Select send form. A box appears that allows you to enter the emails of the people you wish to send the form. If you have google mail and have the people saved in contacts you can select choose from contacts. To add a link to a website of the form: Click on form and select edit form. Now highlight and copy (Command +C) the url located at the lower right corner of the form. Use this to hyperlink to your own website. Users of your site will only be able to enter data.

Please let me know if the above steps do not work and/or can be improved. You can contact me at kurtis.broeg@gmail.com. Thanks.

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