Friday, November 18, 2011

21st Century Skills Assessment – New and Improved

After using the assessments and receiving feedback from others, I have divided the assessments into parts to make them more user friendly. I also changed the scoring of each part to a percentage range of zero to one hundred for each assessment. I start by giving the assessment that matches the student's age range. For instance, if I assess a student who is currently in tenth grade I start with 21st Century Skills: Employability Skills Part 4. If the student's total score is less than 70%, I give the student the Employability Part 3 Assessment and continue the process until the student scores above 70%. Using the assessment in which the student scores over 70%, I list the essential skills the student scores above 70% as the skills the student can perform and list the essential skills below 70% as areas in which the student needs instruction. The use of 70% is based on the 0-3 (Disagree-Agree) scale I use on all the assessments. The elements of the essential skills are based on expected desired levels. Does someone want to norm the 21st Century Assessments? Norming would bring great attention to the areas of Living and Working. My assumption is that many students with disabilities would perform above typical peers. While the data for students scoring significantly below peers can be used to guide special education services. Please take a look at the new and improved 21stCentury Skills Assessments.

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