Monday, May 16, 2011

Numeric Parents of Teenagers Survival Checklist

The Numeric Parents of Teenagers Survival Checklist produces an average score out of four in the following areas: prepare cooked meals, comparison shopping, geography, math, reading, home maintenance, appliances, health, personal grooming, sexuality, communication, and employment. The Parents of Teenagers Survival Checklist assesses the student in environments outside of school and is a great way to get the parent involved in the discussion on transition. The numeric version allows for comparison of scores over time and the ability to summarize for an area such as stating that a student with an average score of 2 performs, on average, the skills in the area some of the time. When an area has a low average score, the report on the IEP can list the specific skills that need to be addressed. To make a copy of the numeric version go to my google site and follow the directions. The formulas will need to be copied as new students are added.

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