Friday, May 6, 2011

Forced-Choice Reinforcement Menu

While using the Forced-Choice Reinforcement Menu to determine what rewards to offer my students for desired behavior I stumbled upon data which I felt was useful in assessing motivation. I have never been a fan of using external rewards and after reading Daniel Pink's book, Drive, I became convinced the the most effective motivation is the task itself. The students who were completing a higher percentage of homework and exhibiting more mature behavior had higher scores in task oriented reinforcements compared to students that scored high in external reinforcements. The Forced-Choice Reinforcement Menu produces scores for Adult Approval, Competitive Approval, Peer approval, Independent Rewards, and Consumable Rewards. The students that scored higher in Independent Rewards than Consumable Rewards also exhibit a higher positive discrepancy in performance versus ability. I am not sure how I will use and/or present this data in IEPs but I do plan to compare each individuals score across time to see if motivation is shifting more towards task and away from external rewards. If you would like to make a copy, visit my google site. After each entry, the formulas will need to be copied to the next row.

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