Sunday, January 8, 2012

Transition Services Assessment

While scanning the internet for transition assessments I discovered the Special Education Needs Assessment which was developed in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Education and the Shenandoah Valley Regional Program. (Revised March 1995).  The original document compiles data and sets priorities for improvement based on assessment of 37 criteria by a team consisting of various stakeholders.  Conversion to Google Docs allows for assessment of the criteria on a much broader level.  Summary of Responses can be used to quickly analyze data.  In addition, information compiled in the spreadsheet can be sorted to see how the different groups of stakeholders rate and value the criteria.  The Transition Services Assessment can be used by states, area education agencies, and/or school districts to appropriately allocate resources for transition services.  Please copy and edit to meet your needs.  Feedback is always appreciated at

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