Friday, July 15, 2011

Life Centered Career Education Assessment

The Life Centered Career Education Assessment was developed based on a paper I wrote advocating for the use of LCCE-M as standards and benchmarks for a life skills program. If you would like to read the paper please see Life Skills Assessment Sequence on the resource page of my google site. This assessment was created based on criteria from the Life Centered Career Education – Modified Curriculum (LCCE-M) developed by the University of Missouri and an Individual Responsibility Rubric developed by me. This assessment is not intended to replace the batteries available through (LCCE-M). It is intended as an informal tool to enhance dialogue amongst all IEP team members and as a tool to communicate with adult service providers. When you copy the spreadsheet, the form and chart will be attached. Formulas will need to be copied with each new student. Please share your edits with me and I will share the improvements on the google site.

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