Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Assistive Technology and Self Determination Assessments

Julie Freed, Grant Wood AEA Assistive Technology Consultant, shared Wisconsin Assistive Technology Protocol for Transition Planning and Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative - Student Information Guide for Self Determination and Assistive Technology Management assessments during a workshop. I came away from the workshop with an expanded knowledge of Assistive Technology. Prior to the workshop I thought of assistive technology as equipment, after the workshop my view expanded to include instruction that is needed for students to use free or readily available technology. The exponential growth of free or low cost technology shifts the focus from equipment to training for independence and increases the number of individuals that can benefit from assistive technology. The assessments also measure self determination which is a necessary skill as it is not enough for the individual to know how to use the technology. In order for the individual to use the technology as an independent adult they must learn responsibility and advocacy. If you would like to copy either of the assessments please go to Broeg Google Doc Transition Assessments and follow the instructions.

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