Monday, January 3, 2011

Transfer Functional Skills

I have completed all of the assessments in the Transfer Functional Skills section of the Quick Book of Transition Assessments. These assessments can be used to measure the discrepancy between the required skills and the current skills of the student's post secondary expectations. The section contains four different types of post secondary expectations (Supported Employment, Vocational Training, Four Year College and Competitive Employment). The majority of the skills are contained in all four assessments, so if the team decides the current expectation is not realistic, the data can be applied to a more appropriate expectation. The section also contains a Vocational Evaluation and a Functional Skills Inventory. The Vocational Evaluation produces a score that could be used for goal setting as it would be easy to graph. However, the evaluation contains fifty behaviors so it would be better to focus on the deficient behaviors. To see these assessments go to the Quick Book of Transition Assessments page on the Broeg Google Doc Transition Assessments website.

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