Wednesday, March 17, 2010

School and Community Social Skills Rating Assessment

The School and Community Social Skills Rating Assessment is a one hundred item assessment that covers social skills in the following categories: classroom, school building, personal, interaction initiative, interaction response, community, and work. The original form on Iowa Transition Assessment asks the evaluator to check all the behaviors that describe the student. The Google Doc version asks the evaluator to check either Yes, No, or “Behavior not observed". Under the “Form” drop down menu, the the responses can summarized which gives the Google Doc version the major advantage of analyzing responses to one hundred items by multiple evaluators. The summary provides a pie chart indicating the responses for each behavior. Completion of the assessment before the team meeting will provide information on behaviors that need to be addressed. Alternatively, the assessment can be used to determine that no supports or goals are needed in the areas of Living or Working. To see the document that the data from the form will be collected, click here.

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