Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sexuality Assessment

The Sexuality Assessment in google doc form is edited to reflect the different environment in which it is completed. Please note that the previous link will take you to the spreadsheet in which the data is gathered. In order to see and/or edit the actual document you must click on forms. The print version, which can be found at Sexuality Assessment -print version, is written to be used as a framework for an interview with a parent and/or caregiver. The print version has a section at the end of a series of yes and no answers in which the team identifies areas of concern. In the google doc version, I edited the print version to enable the posting of comments after each yes or no question. Given the nature of the content, my assumption is that a parent will provide more detailed data on the google doc form than on the print version. The results of the google doc form need to be discussed at the IEP meeting and the identified needs included in the transition plan. This is an assessment that I have never used but plan to use in the near future. If you have used this assessment please share your thoughts. To view the document in which the data will be collected, click here.

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